End of Days

by Creep World

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released October 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Creep World Seattle, Washington

ultra cool sentient garbage can

previously vivian walks, margaret in space

in seattle and planning to stay

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Track Name: End of Days
i need help to get started
from an angel departed
why can't i do what i did
i'll break down in a supermarket
'cause of my lack of vision
my life needs a revision
worry bout something different
like how i only want what isn't mine
need you to assist me
all the things that i can't be
everything that i can't see
like how to stop being lonely
but i'll tell you i'm alright
cry myself to sleep that night
hard to put up a small fight
when everything i want is out of sight
and sometimes it's better in a way
close my eyes and dream of end of days
for three nights i let it slip away
cause my time never mattered anyway
there's no one that i dream of
there's no stars at night above
at least not that i know of
i'll end it all and send it with a shove
and now that i'm older
everything's out of order
you just couldn't have told her
leave her alone cause now she smolders
something broke in the summer
how'd it used to be dumber
how'd it used to be number
put it all down in numbers
was it really all worth it
will it ever be worth it
when's it gonna be worth it
it'll never be perfect
Track Name: I Could Sleep All Day
i was wrong again
another night with nowhere to begin
nothing new to win
what a shame it's all the same old din
i could sleep all day
i wouldn't miss much anyway
nothing new to say
just another canvas painted grey
i'm not where i want to be oh what a waste
i just hadn't planned it all out this way
i'd be happy letting my years slip away
if they were by my side each and every day
because i'm obsessed with a dimension i'm not in
i could get payed for the friday nights i'm spending in
i've spent every one of my years fooling round
so i'll make a change and take a drive downtown
Track Name: Nothing Ever Changes
it's the same old story
no new blaze of glory like they say
and it might be easy
in another place, a different time
for another girl in another world
quiet all your talking
you've got nothing to say
i'm so tired of listening
nothing new anyway
it's all been said before and it's still a bore
nothing ever changes
been the same for years and it'll stay that way
if i only liked it
then i could see it through like i wanted to
like i still have to do
stuck inside the shadows
across the quiet sound
drifting on the water
not a soul around
i'm all alone, i'm still trapped at home
all the doors are closed
all the hallways locked and gone away
and the lights are dimming
couldn't leave if i begged or if i prayed
but i'd love to go, right now i don't know
the town is a thousand miles long
but i'm only ten feet along
i've got so much time just to wonder
what's it all like out and on the road