two way petting zoo

by creep world

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you pet the animals and they pet you back
ultra lo-fi pulled together songs for fun


released March 5, 2015

all work by creep world



all rights reserved


Creep World Seattle, Washington

ultra cool sentient garbage can

previously vivian walks, margaret in space

in seattle and planning to stay

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Track Name: europa
i have stripes now
like streets in a ghost town
might not be better off this way
but i'm europa and it's gonna be ok

i see the world now
in my hometown
i will drift on into space
cause i am like the stars in the milky way

my life's a movie and i am the author
and i'm content with all i have to offer
i am the world and i'm my mother's daughter
i'm in the night sky i am underwater
Track Name: it's all true
i know there's no answer to what i want to know
and everything i wonder when it snows
half light in the sky tonight
makes me miss you more than you can know
i don't need fixing i'm not broken yet
i just want something i can hold
and i'll always know that i'm enough
but it's all better with you i suppose

you're the coolest i hope that you know it
god knows i wish i could show it
i don't think of anyone but you

when it's dark you can call me up now
i'll tell you all the things you do that i love now
and i hope you know that it's all true
Track Name: nothing (i know)
all i want to do is nothing
i know
and if that's wrong or something
i know

sit on down and get sad
maybe then you'll understand

why all i want to do is nothing
i know
Track Name: on my own
i want to walk on down the street on my own
i want to walk along the beach on my own
i cannot leave the house on my own
i cannot even breathe on my own

please see what i can see
i'm trying
please don't give up on me
i'm trying

i can't do anything on my own
please let me go to sleep on my own

i live inside this world on my own
i'm just a little girl on my own
i want to live outside on my own
but all i do is cry on my own

please get me through the day
i'm trying
i want to be ok
i'm trying

i can't do anything on my own
please let me go to sleep on my own